Be Care of The Truck/2017

LED light boxes, Video, Photography.

The idea of the work “Be Care of The Truck” comes from a real-life social event in which a large truck driver is often forced to run a red light at night due to pressure, competition and fatigue, causing heavy traffic accidents. The artist placed the LED light box with the words “Be Care of The Truck” on the intersection of traffic lights on the outskirts of Beijing, reminding pedestrians, ordinary vehicles and large truck drivers to follow the rules and pay attention to safety. LED lights are always used as a medium for information transmission in real life, and they are also a discourse power. The artist puts a warning sign about life and death in the LED to keep rolling, to complete a “traffic coordinator”-like responsibility. The way it seems helpless, weak and absurd, but the artist’s work is through this absurdity, fully expressing the ubiquitous uneasiness of daily disorder and the anxiety of the times.