Almodovar’s Actor


Length13 mins


Language Spanish

Actor: Jan Cornet

DirectorScriptwriterJu Anqi

CameramanAleix Fernández

EditorWang Kang

ProductionXD Culture PlatformSwab BarcelonaTrench Film Group


Film Synopsis

Almodovar’s Actor is the first work in Ju Anqi’s Actor project. Invite some actors who ever played in those well-established directors’ films to re-enact an unfamiliar role, namely, the actor. Acting is not an occupation but an entirety, and the intention of film is to question and challenge the inertness of everyday life. Within society, each person fills a certain role or at least attempts to imitate one. In the film, the actors’ performances and the director’s impromptu shots of exteriors and events unfolding outside form a societal performance within these cities.

Ju Anqi has shot Almodovar’s Actor on September 2016 in Barcelona(Spain), featuring Jan Cornet, winner of the Goya Awards Best New Actor for La Piel. In Ju’s film, Jan is an actor playing an actor other than himself.

This film series will include Jarmusch’s Actor, and Takeshi’s Actor, etc. These well-established directors come from Europe, America, and Japan, and their films provide multiple perspectives for contemplation and inspirations for exploring differing social landscapes and difficulties of the human condition.