Length:50 minutes
Language: Chinese
Subtitles: Chinese / English
Actors:Li Binyuan, Lin Ke, Li Xianting, Wang Guangyi, Wu Hung,
Zhang Xiaogang, Xu Bing, Ding Yi, Fang Lijun, Karen Smiths……
Film Format: HD
Director/Scriptwriter: Ju Anqi
Production:JU Office



Beijing, Summer 1983. A group of young artists gathers in the hutongs for a dance party at the home of one of their friends when a policeman happens upon the scene. In the rigid times just after the Cultural Revolution, harsh punishments were dealt to those participating in activities deemed illegal. Several others had already been sentenced to execution by firing squad or been dealt life without parole for hosting similar parties. The policeman insists on arresting the young artists, and in a fit of panic, they beat him unconscious, deciding later to dig an underground prison where they keep him from then on. For thirty-three years, the artists guard the policeman in shifts. Over these thirty-three years, China goes through a massive transformation unbeknownst to the policeman until the summer of 2016 when he escapes…