Big Characters/2015

Year: 2015

Length: 17 minutes 10 seconds

Format: HD video

Form: 2-channel video

Director/Writer: Ju Anqi

Editor: Wang Kang

Using Google Maps, one can look down from ten miles above upon a no-man’s land in eastern Xinjiang and see thirty enormous Chinese characters and an exclamation point twisting their way through the desolate Gobi Desert. Each character is the size of a football field and they form slogans from the Cultural Revolution, built with crushed stone. A secret military airport was built in just this spot in 1968, and these big characters served as its navigational markings. The camera makes its way through the characters, and there in the Utopian hallucination of the piled stones, the tidal wave of revolution that swept across the world in 1968 appears. Some waves were just beginning, while others were being extinguished….