Film TitleParis Party

LanguageChinese / French

SubtitlesChinese / English


Director /Scriptwriter /Cinematography: Ju Anqi

Production: Trench Film Group

Producer: Ju Anqi / Chen Jie Yuan


Filming Year2006



A young man named Akou (played by Jieyuan Chen) who lives in Paris is awakened by a phone call. The voice orders spicy Szechuan beef and wontons. This is how Akou’s day begins. He doesn’t have a regular job; instead, he makes a living by disguising himself in different roles during the day and turning his rented room into a party for overseas Chinese at night. Today, he is playing a chef, and he needs to go out to buy beef and vegetables….There are people who want to leave the city and those who want to move to it—in a state of unbearable loneliness and depression, the party is held in Paris that night….JuAnQI wrote the script for this film in one night, after spending three months in Paris and before his return to China. The video breaks through the confines of its crude filming conditions, and was shot over the course of three days. The actors are mainly young Chinese who study and work in Paris, and who appear in videos in their spare time.